Principal investigator




Research interests:

  • Method development of paramagnetic NMR
  • Method development for integrative structural biology refinement, to better utilize the data from small angle scattering, single-molecular FRET, and chemical crosslinking, etc.
  • To understand how post-translational/transcriptional modifications impact the structure and dynamics of proteins and RNAs, with an emphasis on ubiquitin phosphorylation and RNA methylation

Selected publications:

  1. Tang C, Gong Z. (2020) Integrating Non-NMR Distance restraints to augment NMR depiction of protein structure and dynamics. J Mol Biol, doi: 10.1016/j.jmb.2020.01.023
  2. Tang C, Zhang WP. (2020) How phosphorylation by PINK1 remodels the ubiquitin system, a perspective from structure and dynamics. Biochemistry, 59:26-33
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